Horde Comics Anthology: Vol 1 – Deluxe Digital Edition


Horde Comics Anthology: Volume 1 Deluxe



Horde’s very first publication. A collection of short stories in this 42 page, all colour digital download.

Including the stories;

Got Milk

as well as profiles of all the creators and pin up art!

Stories by Andy Conduit-Turner and Dave Killian

Art by Gregg Mason, Beth Varni, Stelladia, Joe Flood and Gav Mitchell

As well as all the delicious comic book goodness of the regular Horde Comics Anthology: Vol 1 for your digital downloading pleasure in PDF and CBR formats, the deluxe edition comes with a seperate 48 page interactive PDF companion piece including;

A production diary!
Annotated scripts!
Crude photoshopping!
Creative differences!
The Gregg Mason definition of artistic integrity!
Dog flatulence!

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