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We’re delighted to announce that Horde comics is launching with a kickstarter campaign for a print run of our very first book, Horde Comics: Volume 1!

The book will go on digital release immediately after the kickstarter ends, so if you want this book in a physical format, you better get backing!

Horde Comics: Volume 1 is, as the name suggests, our first comic anthology. Within its pages you’ll find 5 comic stories with settings ranging from undiscovered tropical islands to post-apocalyptic suburbia and face perils from ancient curses, and psychotic episodes to eldritch terrors and tyrannical rulers to name just a few.

The Book: 42 pages in all, 27 pages of fully coloured comic panelled glory with additional art, and bonus materials all topped off by a resplendent cover from Gregg Mason.

The printed version will be perfect bound UK standard comic size with a spine allowing it to sit nicely on your bookshelf with minimal floppiness.


The Stories & Team


Written: Andy CT
Art: Beth Varni Letters: Rob Jones

A young girl makes a panicked call to stretched emergency services in a desperate plea for help as a mysterious illness leaves it’s victims mentally unstable. Will anyone arrive to help before it’s too late?



Written: Andy CT
Art: Gregg Mason Letters: Rob Jones

In an abandoned city, silent survivors brave the streets in search of supplies. They aren’t the only ones hunting for essentials but there are some dangers even greater than the competition for food.



Written: Andy CT
Art: Stelladia

Chris “Business” Foster is a man who knows how to make a deal. When there’s an acquisition or contract negotiation to do he’s a real demon, but due to an unscheduled stop on his latest trip he’s currently a long way from the board room.


Got Milk

Written: David Killian and Andy CT
Art: Joe Flood

The world is in ruins. Demons, the undead and murderous thugs rule the streets, but in spite of the apocalypse, life goes on!



Written: Andy CT & Dave Killian
Art: Gav Mitchell Letters: Rob Jones

It’s the find of a career, an undiscovered tomb full of awesome treasu…valuable archaeological discoveries, but some things are better left undisturbed.