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We deliver the best independent comics for our independent readers.

Horde Comics was founded in the dim and distant past of 2016, by 3 school friends from the British Midlands. Gregg Mason, Andy Conduit-Turner and Dave Killian, who after spending many an evening during the heady days of youth chatting at length about comic story ideas that they should “totally make” but never got too far with completing.

Reuniting in their 30s and back with a vengeance, a passion for telling stories that has refused to subside, and a decade of experience of actually getting things done, the team formed Horde Comics as a platform to create and share stories with the world.

We’ve worked with some phenomenal artists the world over to bring our stories to life and approach every story we produce as if it were the only one we’re going to create in an effort to provide our readers diverse and engaging tales, both short and longer form, all produced to the highest level of quality possible.

Independent comics for independent readers

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